Your Vote Counts

Here’s what had happened:

I gave away that poster, right? And they gave me one too, so I’m making a game board to use in class. It’s just sort of a generic game board with different colored squares. The students will roll the dice and move that number of squares, and whichever color square they land on, they’ll take a question card of the same color. It is much like Cranium in this way. If they get the question right, then they get to roll and move again on their next turn. If they get it wrong, they have to stay there and answer another question of that color, and so on until they get one right.

Mrs. Emily Furr Hogan is helping me to create the board (because she’s amazing like that), and now it just needs a name to go in the center.

Here’s my thought. I can make question cards for all kinds of things:

  • a wide range of questions for various ESL levels
  • questions based on specific grammatical structures
  • vocabulary questions
  • review/comprehension questions based on recent units taught, things read, or films viewed

And I hope that I will. Shoot, given enough time I could even go commercial with that bad boy and sell it to ESL teachers worldwide! They could buy the game board and then card packs to suit their needs. I’ll set up a booth at TESOL conferences where I’ll peddle the game, my book, and t-shirts.

But first, the game needs a name. Tragically (and somewhat surprisingly), “Word Up” is already taken. Yes, there really is a game for ESL students called Word Up. I like to think that the creator(s) of this game came up with the idea in the 90s in the middle of a conversation that rambled between their fly flat tops, how hot Terri Hatcher and Dean Cain were on Lois and Clark, the untimely death of Kurt Cobain, grammar, and the not-yet-recognized genius of Johnny Depp. But I’m pretty sure it was created by a middle-aged lady in the 70s who still doesn’t know that it’s AWESOME.

Anyhoe, my game needs a name, and we can’t call it Word Up. So I put out a request for alternate suggestions, and these are my favorites. Which one is your favorite? You may only pick one.

  • Grammopoly
  • ESL-ympics
  • Say WHAT?! Dangit. Apparently this one is already taken too. How about…
  • Speak Up! Or…
  • I Say!

If you think you have a better name for my game, feel free to write it in. The polls are now open.

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