Yes, it’s really 1:45 a.m.

Every few months, I get to feeling antsy and what’s-the-point-ish about my blog. Why bother? It’s not like I’m saying anything life-changing or earth-shattering, after all. But then I remember that I just really like doing it, and that some things that happen are just too good to keep to myself. For example, I went to this thing tonight. It was a Christian singles thing, and I honestly didn’t know what it was going to be exactly, but it turns out it was very much like a church service. Except sort of bizarre and depressing. As Christian singles events, sadly, often are.

Only one person spoke to me the entire night, and he did so because he thought I was someone else. Then he asked me to fill out an info sheet so they could get me on the mailing list. Um…no, thanks.

Also, the guy who spoke came out with some odd things, including, but in absolutely no way limited to:

“If you sneeze before breakfast on Sunday, there’s gonna be a death in the family by sundown.”

And my personal favorite:

“Have you had your cornbread and milk cleaned out on the INside?”

Believe me, even in context, these statements would not make much more sense than they do standing alone. I will probably not return to this biweekly event. But these are the kinds of things I like to just put out there – for your affirmation of my sanity, to make you laugh, to give you a short break at work, etc.

And once I realize that I’m not going to just throw in the towel, well that’s when I usually decide a design revamping is in order. Never mind me, though. I’ll just be shifting things around and changing colors, and MAYBE we’ll even come up with some logos for y’all to vote on! How exciting would that be?!

Stay tuned.

Author: beth

I'm told that I'm cleverly stupid, and that's why people are friends with me. And here I thought it was because I was so dang cute...

3 thoughts on “Yes, it’s really 1:45 a.m.”

  1. um, first of all, i pretty much love your new font/color scheme. keep it up!!!
    dos, posts like this make me think you’ve warped in to some other previously unknown universe and i am to be sent on a mission to save you!!
    for real, where do you FIND this shyte?

  2. Thanks ladies!!! I’m beginning to think the site will always be a work in progress. But I think I’m ok with that. It’s fun – like redecorating!

    And I KNOW RIGHT?! Ridiculous.

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