Y’all. I feel like tired that got tired, fell asleep, and woke up still tired. This week has been so utterly exhausting, I cannot explain it in words that currently exist in the lexicon. We’ve been going non-stop since Saturday morning, learning everything we can about World Team, church planting, discipleship, evangelizing, leadership and multiplication. And that only got us through Monday morning. For the rest of Monday and Tuesday, we were being assessed in smaller groups while we worked on tasks they gave us wherein we had to use everything we’d learned and some things we hadn’t. Then today, we each had at least two interviews that took 45 minutes to an hour apiece while simultaneously putting together a massive project with our groups. At the end of the day, it was all I could do to drive back to my host home and get in the bed. I didn’t sleep, but I rested my eyes (literally, turns out that’s really a thing) for an hour, and it was glorious. Then we went out for Philly cheese-steak. Well, I had Philly cheese-veggies, and oh my gosh it was amazing! The bread, y’all. It’s all about the bread.

So I think tomorrow is when we find out if they want us. I think. I’ve left my schedule in the car, but I think it’s tomorrow because after we find out, we still need more time to talk about our next steps. So that makes sense. Which is weird because I don’t think kindergarten math would make sense to me right now.

I said yesterday that if you ever decide you want to know everything about yourself that you never wanted to know or thought to ask, this is the place to do it. It’s crazy hard, but also super awesome, and even though I would love to sleep until 2012 right now, it’s been totally worth it. I’ve been prodded (verbally, nothing weird), challenged, tested, pushed and made to cry several times, but I’ve been more encouraged by these people than anything. Seriously. It’s been exhausting, yet oddly refreshing, and while I have the outcome I’m really hoping for in mind, if it turns out differently, it’ll still have been worth it.

But I’ll need to get a good week’s sleep before I acknowledge that.

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