TWIT (This Week in Training)

Well, friends, after three weeks of Week Four training, I am now in Week FIVE!! L-Josh and I went last night and did the first day. Now, let me explain to you how Week 5 goes. The first day, not including warm up/cool down, we run for five minutes, walk for three, run for five, walk for three, run for five. So it’s actually less running than Week 4. Sounds good so far, doesn’t it? But then they switch it up on you.

Day 2 of Week 5 changes. I’ll be running for EIGHT minutes, walking for five, and then finishing it out with another EIGHT minute jog. Holy crap.

And THEN on the the third day, I just run for 20 minutes with no walking whatsoever.

So theoretically, I’ll be jogging for 20 minutes at a time by the middle of next week. Theoretically. I haven’t decided yet whether I want to just do each day once like I’m supposed to or do each one twice to give my body more time to get accustomed to it. I mean, I know I WANT to do each one twice. I just don’t know if that’s necessary, or if it would even be helpful. Your thoughts?

In related news, I got new running shoes!!! After getting fitted and having them watch me walk, and then after trying on about eight different pairs, I ended up with a sweet pair of Saucony Rides. I have to admit, I’m a tad peeved that the store didn’t have them in pink like the website does, but I’ll get over it, and hey, in a few hundred miles, I’ll need a new pair, and then I can just order them online in whatever color I want.

I inaugurated them last night, and I’ve got no complaints so far. They definitely feel different from my old shoes and make me use different muscles (or the same muscles in different ways), which made me get tired, tight and sore in different places. But I can already tell that they’re better for me, and that’s all that matters.

I’m told that the next few weeks are the hardest to get through, soooooo…any encouragement you want to give in that time would be more than welcome, and I’ll keep you updated along the way!

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