That’s My Truth

A few weeks ago, I was texting with my buddy Dallas, and I forget the exact content of the conversation, but she started out a text with, “Here’s what’s true…” And I loved that she said that and not, “Here’s what I think,” because we need to hear truth. We need something solid to stand on. We need friends who will break the banter of a conversation to tell you that something necessary is coming at you, and you should be prepared. Dallas is great for that sort of thing, which I hope you’ll get to see for yourselves, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Here’s my truth: We are all in a life-long process of learning, and we all understand and explain things to ourselves differently. Some lessons, I pick right up, some lessons take me FOREVER to learn, and some I feel like I’ve had to learn fifty-eleventy-million times. Sometimes it helps me to retreat and process on my own, and sometimes I need to hear somebody say, “Look BP, here’s what’s true.” I love hearing other people’s lessons and stories because truth is truth, and we all need to hear it. I want more of it in my life, and in the process, I’d like to share it with y’all.

So what’s happening is Onward Hoe! is inviting guest bloggers to share their truth. I have no idea what they will say, but I’m excited to find out.

Oh, and if you’re wondering where the title came from, there’s a scene in the movie Waitress (that I wish I could find a video clip of, but I can’t) where the main character, Jenna, asks her boss, Cal, if he’s a happy man. And his reply is:

“Well if you’re asking me a serious question, I’ll tell you: I’m happy enough. I don’t expect much, I don’t give much, I don’t get much. I generally enjoy whatever comes up. That’s my truth, summed up for your feminine judgment. I’m happy enough.”

What’s your truth? What are you figuring out about life these days? What do you know that you know that you know for 100% sure? What matters? Feel free to sum up for my feminine judgment.

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