Try to Contain Yourself

If you’ve ever lived in a dorm room, a New York City apartment, a shed, or shared housing of any kind, you know how important it is to keep your things in their proper place. I’ve kept things in shoe boxes, gift boxes, plastic bags, folders, buckets and baskets, but those things will only last you so long. So why not toss them all into the recycling bin and head on over to the grand opening of The Container Store in Raleigh? I might even give you some money to spend.

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A great big congratulatory squeeze goes to Susan for winning the 500 business cards!!!!!! Lucky comment #11 has just paid off!! Hooray!!!!!!!!

Y’all, all of those haikus were amazing, and did you see? Clay Aiken apparently came out of hiding just to enter! And Oprah too! Hey Oprah, have I got a book club book for you! Just give me another year or two to get it finished and published.

Anyhoe, thank you all so much for entering. This one was fun. I’ll try to get another fun contest going for you in another month or two, and in the meantime, we’ve still got plenty of pictures to post covering my fun times from March until now.

Onward Hoe!!

Twitter Schmitter

Well as it turns out, you don’t even need to be in all the social media clubs to win stuff. Congratulations, DLF!! You’ve won a poster!! Here’s how it worked. I took the comment and put it in the True Random Number Generator over at, and it picked it! Imagine that!! So super-congrats to you, friend! And might I suggest an 18×24 glossy print of this photo:

Nothing says success and good luck like my natural happy face, now with more death in the eyes.

We interrupt this contest for a special announcement.

First of all, if you want to win the 18×24 poster, go read all about it and enter. The contest ends tomorrow, so hurry it up. And now for a very special announcement…

I’ve been waiting to make the formal announcement until after I’d told some people in person (or over the phone). I just didn’t want them to find out from the blog. And now that I think about it, probably 90% of my readers are those people, so for the other 10% of you who might not even know me and therefore don’t really care, this is for you?

I’m pregnant. Just kidding. But Andrea is, and Paige and Amy just gave birth, and well…I was feeling a little left out. Plus I lie sometimes. No, the real announcement is…

I’m engaged!! Kidding again. I told you I lie. And now no matter what I say, you won’t believe me. I may as well just hang it up. No? You’re still curious? Ok fine…

I’m moving back to Raleigh. And here’s where I pause to let you not believe me for a second before I try to convince you that I’m serious. It’s sort of a long story, and I still have mixed feelings about it, but it looks like I’m moving on July 31. The feelings I have are as follows:

  • Bummed outedness. I love Asheville. Asheville is great. I love living in such proximity to downtown, I love walking around downtown, I love just being here, I LOVE waking up at 9 and not having to be anywhere most days until 6:30 p.m. And I’m just starting to make more friends and really feel at home, but I know this is the right move.
  • Relief. I know I’m southern, and that it is therefore impolite, impertinent, unladylike and possibly dangerous to discuss my finances in such a public forum, but let’s be honest. I’m running out of money, and the job in Raleigh pays WAY better than it does here. It’s like lots of wealthy people have moved into Asheville from other places, driving the cost of living up, but the wages haven’t caught up yet. So I’m living at medium-sized city prices on small town wages.
  • Excitement. Living here has, in one way or another, shown me what I really want out of a city, and it’s not that Raleigh doesn’t have those things. It’s just that I didn’t know I needed to find them before – things like a writing group, the quiet of nature, and a Trader Joe’s. (I knew how great TJ’s was before. I just took it for granted.) But now that I know what I’m looking for, I feel like I can go back and do things better than I did when I lived there before. Maybe I’ll even take that adult dance class I’m always talking about.

    I’m also excited that I get to hang out with all my buddies again regularly; I’ma Call You Josh (our Rock Band band) can get back together and go on a reunion tour. I’ll finally be able to save money again, perhaps to take a trip in 2011. I won’t have to drive 30 minutes to work every day. I won’t have to work four nights a week (just two). I won’t be so far away from everybody (2 hours to Wilmington, 4 to Asheville, 2.5 to WILKESBORO!!!!!, 5 to D.C., international airport just up the road). I’ll be back with an awesome group of co-workers and a great boss.

I’ll definitely have to come up and visit Asheville a LOT now that I know people and love it (and now that I’ll be able to afford to do things here), so don’t you fret, Ashevillains. I won’t forget about you. You’ve all been great, and I’ll miss you. A lot. More than you know.

And hey, if anyone knows of a place I can live in Raleigh for say…$400 a month around Wade Ave., Cameron Village or 5-Points, let me know. I could probably go as high as $500, but I’d rather not. And I would also consider places off of Tryon, Duraleigh or the Six Forks/Wake Forest Rd./Atlantic Ave. area. Nothing too shady or drunken college student-infested, please. I have to get up early for work.

Now. Who’s going to take aerobic pole dancing classes with me?

Postcard Results

Oh I am just all atwitter today to bring you the news of the postcard contest!! Given the numbers 1-29 (which was how many comments/entries there were on the contest – BY FAR the most comments I have EVER received on one blog post), has chosen:

Comment #28:

Emily said,

OOH! Idea #3: Scratch my Idea #2. I’m sending out Guy Fawkes Day cards instead. “Remember, remember, the 5th of November…”

Congratulations, Emily!!!!! The winner has been notified by e-mail and has 24 hours to claim her prize. Should she fail to do so, will pick another winner. I fully expect to receive a Guy Fawkes Day card now. Maybe Guy will have me in his thawts? Sorry. Inside joke. That’s a good story, though. Maybe I’ll tell it some day. Or Emily can tell it in her acceptance speech.


A Friendly Reminder

Well we had to do a little finagling (long story), so the whole post about the postcard give-away has moved here, but you still have to come back here to post your comments, so if you already know the deal and just want to post comments, go here, but if you need to read about it first, go here, and then you can come back here from there. Clear?

You have 24.5 more hours to participate. Hop to it.

Put Your Imagination Hat On

Y’all. I am SO excited to be hosting my first legitimate GIVEAWAY!!! You may recall that I came into possession of some rather shady and/or unattractive items back in January and hosted several contests to get rid of them. And although the boat show was super-rad (I know, I know, I still haven’t posted the squirrel video), and the winner of the Adam and Eve prize pack is now “coincidentally” pregnant (with twins!), those were still just sort of random things I’d been given and wanted to give away. BUT TODAY…
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