Reunion Pictures!! Round One (maybe of only one, but we’ll see)

These are going to be all out of order because I didn’t have enough foresight to upload them in the right order, and I don’t have the give-a-crap right now to rearrange them.  Here we have Emily, Wes and Lizzy on Saturday night. Precious.

Emily, Wesley and Lizzy

Jessica, Emily and Jennifer on Friday night. I tell you what – this is a good-looking group of ladies right here.

Jessica, Emily and Jenn

And speaking of good-lookin’ ladies, check these two out. Emily took this picture wanting to get the bluegrass band in the background, but I think she was also hoping to get a clear shot of the topless gentleman who later asked me to dance. He’s in there, but you can’t really see him. I saw him, though. Up close and dance-able, and believe me. It was not pretty.

at the Apple Festival with Chelle

Besu and Wesu, reunited after eight years or so. Man, I love this kid.

me and Wes

And whilst we’re on the subject of kids I love, Emily and Jim. Heart.

Emily, Jim and me

Although the whole gang was not present, those of us who were got together for a photo. Along with Carrie, Katie, Jeani, Jim, Alan and a host of others, these were the people I spent most of my time with in high school. They were basically my extended family. Pictured here are Emily, yours truly, Lizzy, Julie and Wes. To those of you who weren’t there, we missed you. And we hope you can make it to the 20-year reunion.

the gang

LOVE love.

Special thanks to Emily Hogan for the photos. Apparently she didn’t take any of the future Mr. and Mrs. Matt Hagaman, but just as soon as I get some, I’ll put them up. I know that many of you are Matt-curious. And the INSTANT that video footage of the dancing hits YouTube, believe you me, you will be notified.

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2 thoughts on “Reunion Pictures!! Round One (maybe of only one, but we’ll see)”

  1. You can kind of see the Topless Gentleman’s shoulder in that photo, but only kind of. I tagged him on Facebook.

  2. I want to read in more detail later, but I am just so enamored of Emily’s haircut that I had to say something. Emily, I love your haircut. LOVE.

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