Moving: Check!

We’re all moved!! And I don’t think there’s been a day in the past week that I haven’t woken up completely sore from all the lifting and carrying large, heavy things up and down stairs. Who needs the gym? I’m just going to start my own moving company. Stay in shape AND make money! Genius!

Nah. I think I would hate that within a week.

So please come over because as I get things put into place, I like my apartment more and more. Mostly, I think I just like decorating my apartment. Perhaps I missed my calling as an interior decorator. Nah. That would involve decorating for people who have wildly different tastes from mine, and I would want to decorate their homes like I would decorate mine, and they wouldn’t like it, and I would get fired. I should probably just stick with that I’m good at – decorating my own apartment.

How many other occupations can I consider in one blog post? I think I’m done. I’m on limited battery at the ‘Bou, and I have yet to accomplish the task for which I came over here, which was to investigate internet services for the apartment, so I’ma get back to it, but I just wanted to let you know that the moving was completed successfully, and I’m VERY glad that I have a few days off completely to recuperate and put things in order. If you want to help, give me a ring (round cut, sapphire or just phone works too).

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