Movies You Should See (if you haven’t already)

I missed a lot while I was gone: new TV shows, popular Halloween costumes, Adam Lambert being awful (well, I wouldn’t say I missed that, but that I was spared, thank goodness), and the death of John Hughes. I’m catching up slowly, though, and I hope that by my birthday (March 6, start shopping now), I’ll be fully re-Americanized.

When I went to the $1.50 movie theater for the first time, though, upon my return, I experienced a little bit of reverse culture shock. If you are not aware of how cheap movie theaters work, you have probably been out of the country for much longer than I was, so let me enlighten you. A movie comes out in the theater. It’s costs $10. For ONE person. If you wait a few months, though, that same film will play in the $1.50 (or in some places, $1 or $2) theater, and you can save $8-10, depending on where you live.

So I went to the $1.50 theater in Raleigh, and since these movies are older, the previews are also for older movies – movies that probably came out months ago as well, movies I should have heard of, but hadn’t. I was so out of the loop, and I probably still am, but just in case you’ve been living in a different country, under a rock or with a child under the age of  eight, I wanted to tell you about two movies that came out this fall that you need to go see.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

It’s sort of weird, and the animation takes some getting used to, but the story is good (thanks, Roald Dahl), the cast is superb, the voice acting is excellent, the soundtrack is pretty cussin’ great, and there are lots of unexpected hilarious parts. Like how they just say “cuss” instead of any cuss word they might have chosen. “I’m going to ignore your advice.” “The cuss you are.”

I’ve seen Fantastic Mr. Fox twice now (for less than half the price of one regular movie ticket, thank you very much), and I’d seriously go again. I definitely want to own this movie and watch it repeatedly when it comes out on DVD.

Pirate Radio

Another $1.50 well-spent. When JBeau and I went to see this, our ticket stubs said, “PIRATE RAD.” Rad, indeed. I was apparently too conservative in my immediate review of Pirate Radio. W-Josh informs me that I grossly undersold it, and for that, I apologize. I just wasn’t sure if I liked it for the story and the acting and all that, or if I just liked all the incredible 60s rock it highlighted. I guess it turns out I liked both, and it would seem that this film appeals to a wider audience than just people like me who grew up on oldies and really like the ideas of sticking it to the man, coming of age, and unexpected but profound community.

I downloaded the soundtrack to this one as soon as I got home, and I will also purchase the DVD when it comes out. Whenever that is.

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  1. Ms. Parent. It seems that you & I are living parallel lives. I went to see Fantastic Mr. Fox at a dollar theater on Saturday, and it also cost me $1.50. What a steal for such a wonderful WONDERFUL movie! Next on my list is Pirate Radio! So glad we’re both catchin’ up on our movie watching!

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