Looks like we’ve made it!

Well, it looks like I’ve made it…to Asheville, that is. After last week’s craziness, the weekend’s big move and two nights in a row of ten hours of sleep, I feel like my brain is just now starting to recover. I’m hoping that by this weekend, I’ll have found places for all my stuff (either in the house or at Goodwill) and become a well-known regular at Tod’s Tasties, the little restaurant up the street from my house that has free wi-fi and TATER TOTS!! It’s a lot to aspire to in one week, I know, but I think it can be done.

The weather has been unbelievably beautiful this week – in the 50s, blue skies, clear view of the mountains. I love it. I still sort of just feel like I’m visiting, I guess because I don’t have a regular life yet. Everything’s still in boxes, I don’t know many people, I don’t have a job or a church to go to, etc. But I think getting to know Tod and his Tasties will be a good first step. As dirty as that sounds.

Oh, and I made chocolate cupcakes last night, which was terribly exciting. My roommates have yet to try them, though. Did someone give away my secret ingredient??

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5 thoughts on “Looks like we’ve made it!”

  1. tod’s tasties. that is just … wow. who looks at their little shop & says, “i shall name it tod’s tasties”?

    glad to hear you are settled into asheville. i envy you as it’s far too gorgeous there. enjoy the veg*n lifestyle that you can easily lead there.

    i look forward to more mountainous updates.

    but not as dirty as “tod’s tasties”.

  2. Secret ingredient – hahahahaha.

    Also: I do believe I will go buy some tater tots of my own this afternoon. And maybe some fish sticks.

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