I’m the Big Weiner

Sooooooo…I was listening to a local oldies station this morning when they said to call in and finish this candy bar jingle:

“Sometimes you feel like a nut…”

Clearly I had to do it. I mean, you tell me to recall lyrics, and I just do it. There’s really nothing I can do to stop it. Plus I never thought I’d actually get through to the DJ. But I did. And I won tickets to see Eric Kearns tomorrow night at the Holly Springs Cultural Center.

What? What’s that you say? You don’t know who Eric Kearns is? Why, where have you been? Don’t you know he’s New Jersey and Pennsylvania’s premiere vocal impersonator among those performing at senior adult living centers? Yessiree Bob. Tomorrow night, L-Josh and I will have the pleasure of seeing Eric Kearns impersonate the vocal stylings of over 40 artists in an hour. We’ll hear him as Rod Stewart, Cher, Jimmy Durante, Frank Sinatra, Al Jolson, Perry Como and a host of others whose songs we won’t know (click here to hear samples). And it will be glorious, and it will be FREE.

And I’ll update you next week.

“If that guy doesn’t look like a good time, I don’t know who does.” ~L-Josh

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