I’m Not a Wen® Girl

A couple of weeks ago, I told y’all I had succumbed to the boredom of being on vacation and to the persuasive prowess of Alyssa Milano and bought the Wen® Hair Care System by Chaz Dean. And having used it for a week now, I can tell you that it sucks. It might not suck for everybody, but I’m definitely returning it for a refund. Here’s the full review:


There were definitely a few things about it that I liked. First of all, the stuff smells amazing, and it does feel like it actually cleans your hair. I’ve read a lot of advice for girls with curly hair, and one of the biggest trends is “washing” your hair with conditioner, which is such a joke because that’s not what conditioner is designed for. It’s not surprising, then, that conditioner does a crappy job of cleansing your hair. Before I got the Wen®, I read one review that said it was essentially the same thing. I’m  here to tell you that it’s not. Conditioner doesn’t feel like it’s cleaning anything; Wen® does. And I did like only having to put one thing in my hair in the shower rather than shampooing, rinsing, conditioning, waiting and rinsing again. But that was about it for the pros.


I’ll just list these out bullet-style as they are numerous.

  • In the shower, it feels like it’s very moisturizing, but once I rinsed the stuff out, my hair did not feel like it retained enough of the moisture to keep it on its best behavior. Here’s a little tip about curly hair: It needs a LOT of moisture to not go all frizzy, and the Wen® did not help me in that department, so as long as it was still wet, it looked ok, but as it dried, my hair just got bigger and bigger with the frizz.
  • Furthermore, my scalp was extremely dry and flaky. If you are at all prone to dandruff or have any other, more serious scalp/skin problems, I would not recommend this product.
  • The next problem is that I’ve only washed my hair FOUR times, and already half the bottle is gone. That means that in another week, the whole bottle will be gone, which means that what they call a month’s supply is really only two weeks’ supply, which means that what should cost $30 a month will actually cost $60 a month, which is just outrageous.
  • AND the laughably tiny bottle of styling creme is long gone. I was being very conservative in my use of it, not using enough (and ending up with enormous horrible hair) or supplementing it with other products, and still, that bottle is empty after a week. Honestly, if I’d used the amount of it I needed each time, it would have been gone after the second use. I realize that I have a metric crap-ton of hair, and that I therefore use more styling product than most, but seriously, they give you a travel-size. That mess would barely get me through a weekend, much less a month.


In conclusion, I would NOT recommend Wen® if you have:

  • a tight budget
  • curly hair
  • LOTS of hair
  • thick hair
  • extremely long hair
  • dry hair/scalp
  • dandruff
  • psoriasis
  • any other scalp irritation

It might be ok for you if you have:

  • an unlimited budget
  • short hair
  • thin hair
  • fine hair
  • oily scalp

If you live in Raleigh and want to try it, I’ll pump you out a trial amount before I send it back. Let me know.

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3 thoughts on “I’m Not a Wen® Girl”

  1. I have long long hair with a bit of curl.

    Years ago I got turned on to John Frieda Frizz Ease. I loved the stuff. But, like your experience with Wen the little eye dropper bottle at nearly $10.00 lasted about a week.

    I was discussing this conundrum with an acquaintance in Cincinnati who happened to work in the quality control area of one of the large consumer products companies there.

    She had five gallons of factory batch Frizz Ease just sitting around the lab. It was required from the firm packaging the product for quality testing. She said it was bound for the hazardous waste bin unless I wanted it.

    Well, duhhh!

    That five gallons lasted me a number of years. But, like all good things, it ran out.

    I certainly wasn’t going to go back to paying retail for the stuff. I started checking on-line for the Frizz Ease ingredients. Then, I hit some cosmetics manufacturing suppliers.

    I found this place which sells it in bigger quantities all the way up to five gallon pails:


    The chemical is Cyclo-Dimethicone. It’s exactly the same thing as Frizz Ease without the sunscreen. Frieda may also put some type of fragrance in their stuff too. I don’t know, though. I haven’t returned to the Frieda product since.

    A gallon jug will cost about $130.00 with shipping. It lasts me around a year and a half. This is with daily business week shampooing.

    Seriously, if you want silky smooth hair this stuff is da bomb.

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