I’m Engaged!!!

Well, actually, L-Josh is engaged (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!). I just had a dream about getting engaged. Again. I have engagement dreams fairly frequently. As it turns out, I’m slightly obsessed. I even found my ring yesterday. It’s on this page, and if you guess which one it is and buy it for me, I’ll marry you. Wait…

Anyhoe, I dreamed that I got engaged to a lawyer who was an above average dancer with a solid understanding of my favorite musical. I don’t know what my favorite musical was in the dream, but I know that the lawyer proposed while re-enacting a dance sequence from it that involved dipping me straight back as I propped a red-sequined high heel on his shoulder. The ring was gold with rubies and diamonds arranged in an odd sort of Mondrian pattern. I didn’t really like it at first, but then it grew on me. Much like the lawyer grew on reality.

He wasn’t real at first, see. He was a character that Rae and I wrote into a story (which perhaps explains why he was so perfect for me), and somehow he became real and fell in love with me. I mean hey, it happens (in my dreams) all the time. This one involved too much red for my taste, but all in all, it was a pretty good proposal. If it had involved the ring from the last proposal dream, it would have been perfect, but I would also accept one of the rings from the page I mentioned earlier.

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