IKEA Hack – TV Stand

So we bought this lovely TV stand from IKEA last year because we could afford it and because it would hold all the stuff.

Well, with all the stuff, it looked like this:

And the back was even worse.

We needed a way to hide and organize all those cords. So we went to Lowe’s and bought a piece of peg board. Then we had the Lowe’s peeps cut it to the size of the TV stand. All of this cost about $10. Will cut a hole in the center roughly 5″x5″, the idea being that we would put the peg board on the back of the TV stand and feed the cords through it to the back. The holes in the peg board gave us a way to wrap and secure the cords in an orderly fashion using twist-ties we already had from months and months of bread. And I had some spray paint from a previous craft project, so I used that to make the peg board less ugly.

Then we had to attach the thing, but Will, I think knowing he would be the one who would have to do and undo it a million times, didn’t want to just screw it on. He had a brilliant idea, though. Another trip to Lowe’s yielded a pair of hinges ($3) and two magnetic…clasps? Fasteners? Door closures? You know, the things on your medicine cabinet that make the door stay closed ($3). We put the hinges on the bottom and the magnetic doohickeys (technical term) at the top. And voila!

After that it was a painstaking process of putting all the things back in, reconnecting all the cords and securing them to the back. The back honestly still looks pretty messy, but at least we know what’s what now, and all the cords going to the same device are individually wrapped and then bunched together. I won’t show you a picture because it’s too dark, and anyway, you’ll be all, “That’s still messy,” which I already told you. Here’s the front, though.

The last step will be to get a basket or bin for the lower left side, where I’ll keep all our video game controllers and extra cords. And even if I pay $20 for a basket (which I won’t), we will still have spent less than $40 on the whole project. Hooray!

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