Getting to Know YOU

Oh. Four words, and I feel a song coming on. Getting to knooooow yooouuuuu! Getting to know allll abooouuuut yoooouuuu. Getting to liiiiiiiiiiiike yooooooouuuuuuu! Getting to hope you like meeeeeeee. Dangit. Now I have to get up and dance around the living room. Please hold.

Ok. That’s better. Y’all. I feel bad. I’ve been rambling on about myself for six years, and never once have I asked you to tell me a bit more about yourself. You’ve had the opportunity, sure, but you are sweet and unpresumptuous people, and you didn’t want to use MY blog to talk about yourselves. Well, it is high time you did. And I’m going to do this regularly because I want to know who you are.

Just leave me a comment answering the following 3 questions:

  1. What is your go-to late night snack food?
  2. Where is the next place you’d like to (or plan to) travel?
  3. Would you rather (a) travel around in the shirt pocket of a very sweaty giant, or (b) always be on a horse? Why?

Author: beth

I'm told that I'm cleverly stupid, and that's why people are friends with me. And here I thought it was because I was so dang cute...

15 thoughts on “Getting to Know YOU”

  1. 1. Popcorn or chips (whichever is available)
    2. Nowhere in particular. Just as long as I have a fun person(s) to go with like I did for Chicago.
    3. I’ll vote for the horse. Would that make me a centaur of some sort? What if it was a giant sweaty centaur? Maybe not.

  2. 1. chocolate milk and p-nut butter crackers or left over Quesadllas/pizza
    2. Philadelphia then cape Canaveral
    3. Horse- the sweatiness would be under my badonkadonk not in my face.

  3. 1. Almonds (unsalted are WAAAY better than salted) and red wine. Both are supposed to be good for my heart.
    2. I’d love to travel to Australia/NewZealand. Would love to.
    3. I’m gonna go sweaty giant, purely because there isn’t a time limit. And that makes for a great first line to a story. “Once, while in the cigarette pocket of a 2000 pound guy…”

  4. late night snack food..usually cereal ~ with or without milk, depending on the state of my fridge, and for lack of other tastier options.
    travel ~ going to MA in May for a college reunion!! next…probably Mexico
    #3…hhmmmm, gotta go with horse…..I think I’d feel sick and dizzy in the sweaty shirt pocket.
    what about you??

    1. Risa,
      Since you asked…
      1. I always crave something salty when I get home from work at night. I don’t know what it is about teaching, but it sucks the sodium right out of me.
      2. I REALLY want to go to the Grand Canyon. But the next planned trip is to WILKESBORO!!!!!, and then I’ll be in Raleigh at the end of the month (weddings, both).
      3. I have to say I’d go with the giant. It’s the “always” that gets me about the horse. I mean, y’all know how I value my sleep, and I just don’t see myself getting much rest on the horse. Plus, I’m sure that sweaty giant and I would be buddies in no time.

  5. periwinkle) Honeycomb cereal. or yogurt/granola. or ice cream sandwiches. (apparently, i like dairy late at night)
    47)like to: any island with Saint in the name.
    plan to: Prague
    toaster) this is tough. i can’t publicly discuss how horrible riding on a horse is by hour 4, much less DAY 4. but, sweaty? aaaack. i just threw up a little bit.
    ps-i have no idea what the hell a centaur is.

  6. 1. Late night cheese!
    2. NC! Next week!
    3. Horse. I’ve secretly always wanted to be a cop on a horse, and this would be my closest shot at living out that dream.

  7. 1. I try not to snack late at night.
    2. Western US – definitely a “like to” as there is no $; will be going to Bald Head this summer
    3. on a horse because I would have at least a little control and fresh air

  8. 1. What is your go-to late night snack food?

    I love popcorn and this is typically what I choose to nosh one!

    2. Where is the next place you’d like to (or plan to) travel?

    I want to go to Mexico! I want to go to an all inclusive resort where I can be drunk the whole time I’m there. 🙂

    3. Would you rather (a) travel around in the shirt pocket of a very sweaty giant, or (b) always be on a horse? Why?

    Always be on a horse. Cause I wouldn’t have to smell sweat!

  9. How much fun is it reading through all of these comments! SO MUCH FUN!
    Here’s mine:
    1) Crunchy snacks are my favorite, most recently it’s the new Pepper Jack Cheez-Its. (Cheez-its, cheez-its, cheez-its… maybe nobody but Josh & Josh will get that, oh well.)
    2) Canada! I’m headed there next month! On my “I’d like to go there” list: Greece, Spain, New Zealand & Australia.
    3) I’m gonna go with horse because at least I’d probably have some control over where I’m going and how fast. As far as ALWAYS being on a horse, I figure I’d get used to it and make it work for my life.

  10. 1. I’m not much of a late-night snacker, but cheese is usually my go-to at any time of day.
    2. I’m going to FL in a few weeks. Would love to go to the British Isles someday in the not-too-distant future.
    3. Well since we’re thinking about a world where there are giants big enough to put people in their pockets then I suppose I can also imagine that I’m no longer allergic to horses, in which case I’d go with the horse. It’s really the sweaty part that gets me… ick.

  11. Hmm…

    1.)Left over chicken
    2.)I’m with Jon on this one. The company is much more important than the destination. You could go to Boringsville, Boringstate and still have fun if you’re with the right company.
    3.)Well, I really don’t like the giant idea because… ew. But, on the other hand, I do want to actually have children one day and the equipment to do so. So, despite the disgustingness, I’m going with Ole Sweaty.

  12. 1) Wheat thins w/ cottage cheese…..or pie
    2) Colorado in a few weeks, Costa Rica this fall!
    3) I have to go w/ the horse. The thought of the sweaty pocket makes me want to vomit.

  13. 1) Chocolate of any kind, but if I’ve already had it (only 1 chocolate per day), I have raisins.
    2) Going to Italy in September!!!
    3) Sweaty Giant because 1) my legs would get tired from being on the horse 2) the giant can travel much faster – 3 steps to Knoxville, 10 steps to the West Coast

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