Exciting Coverage of Italy Preparations

Y’all, it is starting to get really real up in here. I purchased tiny deodorant, a travel pillow and earphones that won’t make my ears turn black and fall off (I hope). I also went by Verizon and had them set up my service to suspend itself for three months when I leave. AND (because I know a gal who works there who is amazing), they put all my contacts into an AT&T BlackBerry that I can use in Italy!! Not that I’ll be calling any of y’all on it. That’s what Skype is for.

Why can’t I just use the PunkBerry I have in Italy, you ask? Well, in Europe, the cell phones use SIM cards, and while AT&T, T-Mobile AND Alltel have phones with SIM cards, Verizon phones do not use SIM cards. At all. So whereas I could take the SIM card out of a phone from any of those other carriers and put in a pre-paid Italian one, I cannot do that with my Verizon PunkBerry. SOOOO, I got an AT&T BlackBerry for free, and I took it to Verizon, and they put all my contacts onto it, and when I get to Italy, I can just get an Italian SIM card and pop it in. Voila! Italian phone!

I’m sure it’ll be slightly more complicated than that, but there shouldn’t be too much more to it. Oh! And how exciting is THIS?! BlackBerry owners can send messages back and forth through BlackBerry Messenger, which is apparently not related to or run by any particular service or carrier other than BlackBerry. It doesn’t use any data or minutes, therefore, on your cell plan WHICH MEEEAAAAANNNNS that theoretically, I could BB message with all you BB users out there FROM ITALY!! We’ll see if that actually works, but the prospect is VERY exciting to me.

So listen up, BlackBerry peeps: Send me your PIN# if you want to test out the BB Messenger’s transatlantic capabilities.

Now. Now, I have to start figuring out what to pack. I’ve made a fairly bold decision today to take only my backpack (not The JanSport). I think it can be done, but it will require a lot of cuts to my fall wardrobe and some VERY creative packing. I’ve got some compression bags, and I’m an excellent packer, but I’ll also be dealing with airline weight restrictions and my desire to take every pair of shoes I own. Tricky.

Suggestions of absolute necessities, things I can really do without, and ways to make things tiny are all welcome.

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3 thoughts on “Exciting Coverage of Italy Preparations”

  1. Forget about bringing clothes and shoes. Instead, bring 1 empty backpack and 2 compression bags. Buy all your clothes there. Seriously – that is my actual plan for when I go to Italy, hopefully in 2010.
    Oh, and save your receipts because you get back ALL the tax you pay, woohoo! Makes that Florentine leather jacket ALL the more affordable.

  2. Take one of everything, 83 pairs of underwear (do they even SELL Fruit of the Loom polka-dot bikini’s in Italy?), a dictionary, one pair of sandals and one pair of cutesy shoes. You need any other shoes in Italy, you just call me bebe girl. Vacuum, roll, and voila! OH, and teabags. Sounds ridiculous, but you’ll love sweet tea and biscuits on homesick mornings, trust me.

  3. How do I find my Blackberry pin #? I want to BB messenger you! We miss you terribly at CHOC. So, you’ve got me reading your blog again. 🙂 It is really good! I wish that I could have gone to your going-away party, but my chances of seeing you again are far better than my chances of seeing The Pet Shop Boys again. You are a whole lot cheaper than they were. That picture of you on the evite is HYSTERICAL! I hope you find a Captain who needs a governess/nun/wife to marry and live with happily singing showtunes with his passel of children.

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