Census: Day 1

I wish I had a pocketful of hilarious stories about people who came in today to ask me questions about the census, but (a) that is privileged information that I’ve sworn in a signed affidavit to keep to myself, and (b) no one came in. I sat there for three hours, writing, reading up on census history and getting to know the community center. It was great. They have a CLIMBING WALL!! I love my neighborhood.

But seriously, I can’t tell you anything about the information I learn about people while helping them fill out their forms. Not even if a tell-all book would earn me enough money to live comfortably in a brownstone in the West Village for the rest of my life. I signed an affidavit. Come to think of it, that might have been my first affidavit. I might feel more grown up about that than about H&R Block taking all my money away.

Anyhoe, also, as census workers, we all had to be sworn in, taking an “oath of office” as it were, swearing to defend against all enemies both foreign and domestic, so help us God. How very un-PC. I thought it was a little weird, partly because I don’t intend to engage in any national defense over at the community center, but mostly because taking the oath felt very similar to saying the Girl Scout Promise. Aaaaaaaaand now I want some Thin Mints.

Maybe I’m not so grown-up after all.

Author: beth

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4 thoughts on “Census: Day 1”

  1. I had a security clearance while in DC, and one of the interview questions that the FBI agents asked my friends was (loosely reworded): have I ever been involved in a group or plot to directly overthrow the US government?
    Still not as good as the state oath of office that makes the holder swear they’ve never participated in a duel, but pretty good!

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