new soulmate

I’m not sure how many soulmates one person is allowed to have, but I have many. And I know most people think of a soulmate in a romantical sense, but mine are all platonic friend-types. I’ve got cross-generational ones, man ones, woman ones, probably even a few animal ones. I think the connection I feel with these people is mostly one of personality or thought, which might not be exactly the soul, but if that Descartes fellow was correct, and I really am because I think, then it would logically follow that if my thoughts agree with those of another, then some part of our very beings are also in agreement. Voila! Soulmates!

There are just a couple of things that lead me to consider someone a soulmate:

  1. When I make a joke, you get it and play along. I do the same with you. Whitney is a prime example of this. Our conversations go on and on, tripping delightedly down some colorful, cartoon path of ridiculousness, until we either just dissolve into laughter or we notice that the people around us have grown uncomfortable. We often get accused of having inside jokes and talking about them in front of others. This is rude. We don’t do it. If we have an inside joke, we tell it to you so you can be in on it too. However, there have been many times when we’ve gone down the road to ridiculous, just “on the fly” if you will (she won’t), in front of people, and they thought that we were sharing an inside joke, but really, there hadn’t been a joke before that. It just happened. And that is why we are naming the musical we’re working on Just Now, so when people quote or sing something from it, and other people ask, “What’s that from?” they can reply as we always do, “Just Now,” as in, that just happened. Just now.
  2. We harbor the same secret desires, plans and/or preferences. And I mean like in an eerie way. Like we are not sure how it is that we were raised in different household. With different experiences and brains.

And that second point there leads me to my newest soulmate discovery. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Lauren. Lauren, say hi. Lauren and I have recently discovered many things that we have in common, including, but not limited to:

  • a secret desire to join a step team
  • a special affinity for gospel music, especially when paired with other music genres
  • a Plenty of Fish boredom membership
  • a crush on Jermaine (of Flight of the Conchords fame)
  • a subsequent crushing blow at the discovery that Jermaine’s name is not, in fact, Jermaine, but Jemaine
  • a consequent identity crisis at finding out that we are in love with a man named Jemaine when we thought we were in love with a man named Jermaine
  • a love of string cheese
  • a (possibly disproportionate) loathing of purposefully misspelled words in company names for the sake of what…cuteness? It’s a marketing ploy – I get it. I just hate it. I could go on and on, but she’s already done so. My blood pressure rose just now just thinking about it.

I knew this was the real deal when she sent me an mp3 file of U2 doing a live version of “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.” I started playing it, and I was thinking that it would be good. And then the gospel choir came in, and I IMed her first to say “shut your face,” and then to ask why she felt that I would enjoy this particular recording. She replied, “I don’t know. I just love that version. I love the gospel choir.” Bingo.

On an unrelated (maybe related, depending on how Lauren feels about this) note, I played a modified, educational version of Balderdash with my GED students tonight, and they loved it! Slowly, friends. Slowly, I am winning them over to the nerdy linguistic side.

boredom begets…

I have this small problem wherein I come home at night, and having nothing to do the next day that requires waking up early, I stay up until all hours. Boredom sets in, and eventually I end up on an internet dating site. Did I hear an “oh no?” Yeah, that’s what I say too. The most recent one is Plenty of Fish, and I got on it because it is free, and I am cheap. And y’all…I am not even kidding you when I say that it has been the most entertaining week of my life.

I took most of my profile information directly from my facebook profile, so it says that my interests are:

Jesus, blogging, napping, reading, musical theater, singing and dancing in inappropriate places, getting myself published, searching for purpose in my quarter-life crisis, going to movies, dinner with friends, karaoke, rockin’ shirts, making unnecessary apartment decor out of flea market junk, chocolate, bracelets, beaded necklaces, my gray cardigan, packing light, movies, music, free things, non-coffee drinks, carbs, getting my big break, Rachael Yamagata, Shane Barnard (with or without anyone else), Derek Webb, Ray LaMontagne, 80’s music, disco, bluegrass, oldies, Sexy Back, the Wilkes Central Madrigal Singers (circa 1998), Balaam’s Chatty Ass, Juanes, Paulina Rubio, Julieta Venegas, show tunes, Billy Joel, Elton John, the Beatles, Chicago, anything that could be termed “Big Hair,” Magnum, p.i., Friends, Seinfeld, Quantum Leap, MacGeyver, Malcolm in the Middle, SNL, The Simpsons, A Mighty Wind, When Harry Met Sally, Moulin Rouge, Zoolander, Garden State, Anchorman, Little Miss Sunshine, Shining Through, Newsies, Pride and Prejudice, anything Donald Miller or C.S. Lewis, The Good Book, The Database (aka my journal), etc., ad nauseum

In the “About Me” portion, it reads:

Nobody believes me when I say I’m introverted. I’m perfectly socially adept; I just need some down time to recharge.

I have some very bizarre dreams. I’m toying with the idea that it’s the string cheese I’ve been eating before bed.

I’m looking for a dude who: loves Jesus, wants to talk to me (if even for literally just a minute) every day, can make me laugh hysterically, gets my movie references, likes to stay up late and sleep in, encourages my dreams, desires to grow and achieve his own dreams, is a laid-back but avid traveler, uses correct grammar and decent spelling, likes Thai food, cuddles, and appreciates a Blockbuster night every now and then.

And then they asked, “What would you do on a first date?” Now, I think this is a very strange question because it implies that there are things you wouldn’t do, which makes me wonder what they’re getting at exactly. They just need a lot of help in general with wording, but here’s my answer:

Is this like the same thing I’d do for a Klondike bar? No? Oh…hmmm. Everyone says that movies are bad first dates because you don’t get to talk. And maybe they’re right about that, but there’s something very relieving about just sitting there with a complete stranger and not having to come up with awkward conversation. It’s like those wacked out psychological experiments they used to do back in the 50’s or whatever where they gave that poor kid a phobia to rabbits, and then later, they reversed it by just putting fluffy, white things in the room with the kid, then moving the things closer to him, then putting a picture of a rabbit up, then a live rabbit in a cage, then a live rabbit out of a cage. I mean, blind dates are scary enough. This way, you get used to having this new person around you before you are required to speak. Plus, you get to see a movie. Then, you can always go out for coffee (or tea) afterward.

So maybe you should individually go to see the same movie, but just sit in different parts of the theater. Then go to see another movie, and sit closer. By the time you’ve seen about 4 movies “together,” you’ll be ready to talk, AND you’ll have plenty to say.

Ok, so maybe those people were right all along, and a movie really is a bad first date. Fine.

The State Fair’s coming up. That’s always good for a laugh. Maybe take a disposable camera and try to get shots of each other with lots of mulleted fair-goers. I like the element of surprise involved with getting pictures developed as opposed to having them in digital format on your camera. And that way, even if you don’t decide to go out again, you can each have a very special set of souvenir photographs from the date.

Ok, take all that in, and stay tuned for some actual messages I’ve received in response to it.