Calling All Medical Professionals and Expert Googlers

Ok y’all, help me out. For the past few days, I’ve been experiencing an odd pain. It’s sort of a mild stabbing pain that comes and goes quickly right around the front of my right hip bone. I don’t think it’s my appendix because everything I’ve read about that says that appendicitis pain is constant and often accompanied by other symptoms. Plus I think this is too low to be my appendix. It’s not unbearable in any way, but I can’t figure out what triggers it. I ran/walked almost 4 miles yesterday, and it was fine, but it hit me when I was walking around Trader Joe’s. It gets me standing and sitting, walking and bending, and as quickly as it hits, it’s gone. It hasn’t gotten worse or more frequent. It just happens a couple of times a day, and the rest of the time, I’m fine.

What is it?

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3 thoughts on “Calling All Medical Professionals and Expert Googlers”

  1. Yep. I want to try.

    1) More Likely: Pulled Hip Flexor (this is pretty common among runners and it could hurt only when it moves in just the wrong way). Google for stretches. Ice after running.
    2) More Likely: You’ve got a pinched nerve but only slightly. Should get better on its own.
    3) Less Likely: Ovarian Cyst…not sure if it’s in the right spot, but you can determine that.

    Sarah Cox, Non MD

  2. My friend had appendicitis with no pain, just nausea. If you’re having digestive troubles, make the doctor check for appendicitis. 🙂
    On the lady parts issue – could be cyst or even ovulation.
    Stabbing hot pain can be nerve pain, and nerve pain can be referred from other parts of the body.
    I would try massage and or chiropractic. 🙂

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