BlackBerrylessness: Day 1

I did it.

I went to the Verizon store yesterday after church and told them I wanted to downgrade. They turned off my PunkBerry and gave me a very normal, very unsmart Samsung “Intensity.” I’m not exactly sure what’s so intense about it. So far, here’s what I don’t like:

  • It doesn’t automatically capitalize the first letter in a new sentence.
  • It doesn’t automatically capitalize I.
  • It doesn’t automatically capitalize I AND add an apostrophe when I type im.
  • It doesn’t automatically add an apostrophe to any contractions.
  • I can’t just start typing a contact’s name from the keypad and have it pop up. I have to either go into my contact list or slide it open to use the QWERTY keyboard.

But on the other hand, here’s what I DO like:

  • It doesn’t vibrate to confirm that I just sent an email. Honestly, it stressed me out that the PunkBerry did that. Every time I’d send an email, I would just brace for it. It made me all tense. I’m still getting used to it, though, so every time I send an email, my stomach muscles still automatically tighten, but I’ll loosen up soon enough. As will my abs.
  • I am not greeted every morning by my “friends,” Snapfish, Elance and Borders Rewards. I am not ever greeted by junk mail.
  • It doesn’t get me all excited that someone wants to talk to me just to let me down when I find it was only eHarmony offering me a “great deal.” I am only notified when real people I really know actually wish to speak with me.
  • It has calculator that does temperature, length, weight, area, volume and currency conversions as well as tip calculation. This will be very helpful the next time I’m in Europe and don’t know what the temperature really is or how much oil I’m really supposed to add to the cake mix.
  • It has this real sultry ringtone called “Slowly” that I jam out to sometimes.
  • It costs $30 less every month to use (Europe2012!!).

So I think I’m ok today. I freaked out for about half an hour right after I left the Verizon store, but after talking to Josh on it for a while and then spending the rest of the afternoon texting, I started to get used to it, and I think I’m going to be ok. Will keep you updated, though.

Author: beth

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3 thoughts on “BlackBerrylessness: Day 1”

  1. You can do it!! You CAN live like this! I used to have a blackberry, and then I quit cold turkey in August 2008. I’ve been clean ever since. It CAN be done! 😀

  2. I tried quitting cold turkey in February. But I couldn’t do it. Turned mine right back on and sold the new phone on eBay. I love my BB.

    One day. One day….

    1. The first 24 hours were the toughest, but I just kept repeating my mantra: Europe 2012, Europe 2012, Europe 2012. Or perhaps more appropriate for this month: Food, shelter, electricity. Food, shelter, electricity.

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