Big Girl Pants

No, I’m not gaining weight. I’m talking about being a grown-up. In just a few weeks, I will have paid off my student loans and started saving for retirement. Did anyone’s jaw just drop to the floor? Because I’m pretty much still in disbelief myself. Finally, finally, I will have earned that Master’s degree both academically and financially. Then maybe I’ll hang the diploma on the wall and force everyone to admire it when they come over. I will regale them with stories of New York, my NYU classes, how I was so tired at one point that I got into the revolving door with a stranger by accident, how much my first apartment cost per month, how much my last apartment cost per month, and of course American Eagle Flagship Store #81.

So if anyone wants to come over one night, look at my diploma and share stories of school and the forever-long process of paying for it, let me know. We’ll get some pizza and cannolis just to make it New York-y.

Author: beth

I'm told that I'm cleverly stupid, and that's why people are friends with me. And here I thought it was because I was so dang cute...

2 thoughts on “Big Girl Pants”

  1. The story of you, the stranger, & the revolving door is one of my all-time favorite Beth stories. And that says a lot, because I have a lot of favorite Beth stories, including your tales from AE Flagship Store #81. I’m sitting here laughing just thinking about them.

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