Back in the Saddle Again

If you haven’t heard, there’s some very excited talk of me going (with about eight of my favorite gal pals) to run next year’s Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon. Tutus, good. Tiaras, good. Friends, good. Running, if we must. So I’ve decided that in order to be better prepared for this one than I was for the New Orleans Rock-n-Roll one, I should start training now. Therefore, I went to the gym yesterday. It was the first time I’d been since I got back from New Orleans, and it was awful. Everything was hard, and I didn’t feel well at all. I was kind of dizzy and feverish, and that is not the kind of thing you should just “push through,” so I walked a few laps around the track just to have done something, and then I went home.

Today, I watched about five episodes of 3rd Rock from the Sun, ate half a bag of Hint of Lime Tostitos and cleaned out my car. That’s basically the same as going to the gym, right?

I’ll get there. I just feel like I’m still recovering, mostly from the traveling. I played catch-up all last week with lesson plans and sleep, and I want a full week of normal before I start my training in earnest. But when that week is over, I’ll be at Intense Cardio Dance on Saturday at 12:30, so please come and join me if you can. It’s awesome.

And until then, watch this drunk baby.

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