Baby Benjamin

The next thing I’ve been up to that kept me occupied all last weekend is I went up to northern Virginia to visit my friend Rachel and my godchildren. Yes! There are now TWO!! And oh how precious and adorable is the wee babe, Ben. He’s two months old and super-chill. He just hangs out, chillin’. He doesn’t even really cry that much. Just sits. It’s very cute. It will be very interesting to me to see the difference between him and his sister as they grow up. Annabelle’s FULL of energy. Homegirl was playing a Wii game while I was there, and as she was playing, she never stopped jumping up and down. Not once. Meanwhile, Ben was chillin’.

I’m sure he’ll grow into a rambunctious little boy, but it’s hard to imagine a child with as much energy as Annabelle. Even the pregnancies were different. Rachel was really active with Annabelle right up until she was born, but with Ben, she had to go on rest for the last couple of months before he arrived. It’s just fascinating to me. Anyway, here he is. Precious lil punkin.

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