And Now for Some Good Writing

Last week in class, we watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and the post-movie writing assignment (because they don’t get anything for free) was to write an article on one of two topics:

  • How to Lose a Guy
  • How to Win a Woman

They could use ideas they got from the movie or from their own personal experience, and y’all, I’m seriously about to submit some of these to eHarmony because they are spot on and better-written than a lot of dating advice out there. I’ll just share one with you, and I’ve edited it, but really not much. This is pretty much exactly what they wrote.

12 Tips for How to Win a Woman

  1. Ask her for a date – When you ask a woman for a date, you have to be sure, direct, clear and polite. Don’t be shy and nuts.
  2. Take her to a nice place – You have to choose a nice and original romantic place.
  3. Buy things for her – They day after your date, try to send her flowers or chocolate if she told you that she likes it. Don’t stop buying things for her. Try to buy simple and nice stuff.
  4. Call her the day after your first date – When you do that, she will feel that you’re interested in her and it wasn’t just a moment. And try to tell her that you had a nice time with her.
  5. Listen to her – When she speaks, you have to pay attention to her words even if it’s little details. And don’t let her feel that she annoys you when she is talking because women like talking.
  6. Try to be honest – That’s a secret to winning a woman; you have to be honest all the time. Don’t lie because she has a lot of questions, and she can find out the truth. Women are smart in this point.
  7. Give her a good compliment – All the time, you have to make compliments about her style, her attitude and her look. Tell her that she is beautiful, sexy, glamorous and smart.
  8. Make her feel safe – You have to be a hero for her. You have to make her feel that she is protected by you. And if she has any problem, you have to be there for her. It doesn’t matter where and when, you have to be there when she needs your presence, and you have to make her feel that.
  9. Don’t bother her – Don’t ask her a lot of questions, especially when she doesn’t feel well. Be quiet if she gets angry, and when she calms down, she will understand your attitude.
  10. Show her your affection – Pay attention to her. Ask her about her problems and try to fix them with her. If she gets a problem, be with her.
  11. Make her laugh – Try to be funny. Make good jokes.
  12. Talk about your future – Tell her about your plans and what you want to do in your life. Ask her for help and her opinion about your plan.

I realize that some of these are contradictory, but I think they all have their place in wooing a lady. Do y’all have anything to add?

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