And I said, “Virg, why don’t we try this tiny toothpaste?”

On my last day of work, everyone gave me something for my trip. It was all wrapped up in a piece of fabric that was tied to a stick. Like a hobo. Only when I picked it up, the stick broke in half, so I decided just to pack the stuff in my backpack instead. They gave me the t-shirt with the picture of all of them, and then they each gave me a little something useful. And man, have they been useful!

Louise gave me an umbrella that has now been used in three countries, Lisa gave me a journal that I didn’t think I’d need because I didn’t think I’d fill up the one I was working on, but now (one month later), that joker is full up, and I had to buy a new one. Dag. It’s ok, though. I went ahead and got two in Budapest because (a) I think I’ll need them both, (b) they were cheap, and (c) one of them says something on the front like “It may dig up your feelings about something about memories or whatsoever.” I can’t remember exactly, but it’s something crazy like that. I’ll tell you for sure whenever I start using it and therefore have it on me. Right now, I’m using the other one.

Anyhoe, Heather gave me a little package with a toothbrush and the tiniest tube of toothpaste I’ve ever seen. And since I only brought a full-size tube, and since I couldn’t carry it on the airplane to Budapest, I took the tiny one instead. Behold:

tiny toothpaste

The toothpaste itself is…interesting. It’s really thick, and it doesn’t like to break off onto your toothbrush, so you sort of have to bite it off, stick it to your teeth with your tongue, and then use the toothbrush to smear it around. Once you get to the smearing part, though, it works like normal. And this tiny tube of toothpaste still has some left after seven brushings. I think it could actually last a week if supplemented with a tiny bottle of mouthwash.

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