Aaaaaaaand stretch

I’m pretty much out of words for the month, so forgive me if this is short, stilted, awkward or otherwise unreadable.

New Orleans was GREAT. We had a fantastic time, we had the best cheerleaders ever, we ate a lot of really good food, and we completed all 13.1 miles of the 1/2 marathon. We actually did really well with our running/walking intervals for the first 10 miles, and then we both started having joint problems, so we decided to walk the last 3 miles. However, somewhere around mile 11 or 12, I looked at Amaris and said, “You know we’re running across the finish line, right?” to which she responded, “Oh, yeah. Of course.” So when we got to the end and saw the boys, we picked up the pace, and JBeau was able to catch it all on film. I was pretty pleased to see that you can’t really tell how much pain I was in, and the cheering drowns out the sound of me going, “Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow” with every step.

I came away with a new running shirt, a Mardi Gras medal, a slight sunburn a blister on each heel and memories to last me a lifetime. Plus, I took lots of fun fisheye pictures. Have a looksee:

On Friday, we went to the convention center to check in for the race and pick up our goody bags. We took this one right after we left there while we were waiting for the streetcar to come. We spent roughly 40% of our time in New Orleans waiting for streetcars to come.

Saturday morning, we went to Camellia’s Grill, which is an extremely popular diner on the St. Charles line. It only has about 30-40 seats inside, and there are two small couches for waiting, so the line goes out the door and down the sidewalk. While we waited, the fellas went down to a gas station and picked up some snacks. We finished the snacks, waited another 20 minutes or so, and then finally got into the building where we waited for another 10 minutes to get seated and eat. It was totally worth it.

I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of the long exposure thing. When you’re using this camera inside, you pretty much have to leave the shutter open longer to let in enough light to see what you’re taking the picture of. This one worked out nicely. I just wish we could have gotten one of our waiter, Marvin, whose name tag said, “Word,” as did he.

Once again with the long exposure. We went to this record store on the recommendation of “Al, he sells records” from the Edwin McCain song, “Alive.” My friend/coworker, TeacheRisa, see, is a bit of an Edwin junkie, and she was in New Orleans for a show one time when she met Al. They still keep in touch, and although he no longer sells records, he told us about this place, which was pretty cool. I believe it was called the Louisiana Music Factory. It was on Decatur, just a block off of Canal.

A guy in the park offered to take this of us when he saw us trying to do a self-portrait. The great thing about the fisheye camera is that it takes great self-portraits because you can get SO MUCH in a shot. All four of us could fit comfortably in an arm-length picture (see Camellia’s Grill above). However, there’s a lot more freedom to do what you want in a picture taken by someone else rather than trying to just squish all together to make sure you all make it into the self-portrait. As you can see, though, I still got squished.

My favorite thing about this picture is that the guy who took it took my camera, looked at it very perplexed for a moment, and then said, “What the…? What is…? Is this a FILM CAMERA?? Man, you guys are hipsters.”

I don’t actually have any race photos, but they’ll be along shortly. Amaris is apparently editing them right now, which means they’ll be on facebook tonight, which means they’ll be coming your way soon thereafter. Get excited!

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