A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Christmas

Y’all. I’ve done a lot of stuff in the last year. Let’s recap:

  • At this time last year, I was in Italy.
  • I went to London for Thanksgiving, then back to Italy.
  • I left Italy a few weeks later and went to Portland.
  • I thought about moving to Portland but decided against it.
  • Christmas.
  • I visited/decided to move to Asheville.
  • New Year’s.
  • I moved to Asheville.
  • I saw a squirrel water-ski.
  • I turned 30.
  • I decided to move back to Raleigh.
  • I moved back to Raleigh.
  • I started working immediately. A lot. I have not stopped lesson planning since.
  • I portrayed Garfunkel of the popular folk duo Simon and Garfunkel for Halloween.

I think that pretty much catches us up. What I have discovered is that when you do that much in a year, it throws off your sense of how time is passing. It feels like I just got back from Italy a few months ago, Asheville is a total blur, and I forget sometimes that I went to Portland at all. The only things that really stand out are Garfunkel and that crazy squirrel.

So when I turned on the radio this morning to find Christmas music already playing, I said out loud, “No, no, no, no, no. It’s way too early for that.” And it’s true. It IS too early for that. Christmas music should not start until after Thanksgiving. One holiday at a time, people. But really, Christmas is only a month away, and that is CRAZY to me. What happened to spring and summer? Did I really work for the Census? Am I still 29? Is this Italy?

Is it just me? Or do any of you feel like 2010 has gone by faster than other years? If I have just discovered the key to making Christmas come faster, I’m not sure how I feel about it. As a kid, I think this would have been revolutionary, but now it just feels like the Keira Knightley (aka awful) version of Pride and Prejudice.

The thing I really like about the book and the Colin Firth version (apart from Colin Firth, of course, and that hilarious Mr. Collins) is that they really take their time developing the characters, and unfolding the relationships. It’s almost painful at first, but the payoff is so much better because of it. The Keira Knightley version is so awful because it’s too rushed, and it makes the development of the relationships feel very unnatural. And also, Keira Knightley’s face makes me want to puke.

When time seems to pass too quickly, I don’t know what to make of it. It’s like I’m being carried away by the tide or in a crowd I can’t get out of – rushed along from one holiday, one deadline, one transition, one event to the next until suddenly, we’ve arrived at Christmas again. I don’t like that feeling, yet I would not change the past year for anything. I love that I did all those things. I loved doing them, and I’d do them all again. Even the Census.

So bring it on, Christmas, and bring it on again next year because I’ve got big plans for 2011 too.

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