5 Things to Heal the Soul

Everybody has their own remedies for a hurting soul. I’ve already talked about time and God and how you have to participate in the process, but here are my favorite ways to pass the time, connect with God, and receive the good to dilute the bad.

  1. Music – I’m working on a post for next week with the mix I’ve made. I’ve been listening to it over the past week or so as I’ve made and tweaked it, and it’s really good. Music is just good for the soul no matter how you’re feeling.
  2. Rest – Y’all know I love my sleep, and when I say rest is good soul-healing, that includes sleep, but it also includes waking rest. Lie quietly for ten minutes (or five if you’re antsy), and just breathe. Just breathe in and out and let everything go. Rest in bed, rest in a bubble bath, rest while lying in the grass with the sun on your skin. Just give yourself a break. Ordinary life is hectic enough. When you’re recovering from a trauma, you need this even more.
  3. Food – By this, I don’t mean eating your feelings or whipping your appetite into shape. I’m not talking about using food or your control over it to momentarily feel better. Enjoy your food. Appreciate it. Use delicious ingredients in your cooking, and really savor the flavor as you eat. Take your time chewing and really tasting each bite. And be grateful for it.
  4. Hugs – Hugs are awesome.
  5. Laughter – We watched a lot of comedies in the weeks immediately following our miscarriage, and sometimes we felt guilty about laughing so much, but boy did we need it. I’m sure there’s some sort of chemical process that happens in your body to make you feel good when you laugh. I won’t pretend to understand it, but I know it works.

What about you? What heals your soul?

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2 thoughts on “5 Things to Heal the Soul”

  1. Reading this post heals my soul.
    Also, talking with my Mom. Through our conversations, no matter what we’re chatting about, I always come back to my true self.

  2. Hugs, we need more of ’em! (I do at least) … simple (not sexual) human contact is something we all need – but lack! I don’t think people realize how important it is! A simple, friendly hug is deeply appreciated!

    Rest is a good one too! When you rest (like you said – not sleeping) and are mindful of it – it helps clear your mind of troubles… doesn’t git rid of them forever… but momentarily clears your head!

    I think we all should have many playlists… or at least some go-to songs for every emotion or situation. Plug in your favorite happy song if you feel like smiling. Play a salsa dancing song if you feel like letting go in your living room dancing like Shakira; I transform in to Shakira many times!! ahaha

    If I had to pick my top things that heal me, it’d be similar to yours. Music, Rest, Hugs, Food, Laughter… as well as Movies, being outside (under sun), animals (dogs heal my soul for sure), and friends.


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